Track Listing

Flight Facilities feat Your Smith – Heavy (CCDisco Dub! Mix)

DJ Meme – I Can’t Get You (Out Of My Mind) (Seamus Haji Extended Remix)

Mijangos, Peppe Citarella, Venessa Jackson – Live Better

Luxxury feat Jill Lamoureux – Just Like It Was Before (Art of Tones Remix)

Kryptogram – Woman Like You

PDM – In The Dark

Yvvan Back – Love Drug

Splice Collective – My Lovin Baby – (Mark James Remix)

Roger Sanchez feat Lisa Pure – Lost (Majestic Remix)

Qubiko feat Enlery – Glory

Jaded – Lost Myself Again

Husky feat Rion S – Just A Little Love

Mark Picchiotti, JKriv, Lisa Millett – Cryin’ Out For Help (Per QX Remix)

Original Thieves – Dance Into The Night (BoogieKnights Funk Up)

Vintage Culture & Sonny Fodera feat Shells – Nightjar

Mobin Master feat Alfreda Gerald – Get Away With It

Ember – Ezra

DJ Chus, Dario D’Attis – Keleidisco

Simone Vittullo – Rorogwela

The Journey & Rachel May feat Alverie – Hollow


Sharif  0:02 
Hello and welcome to the Xtra Suite Mix. I’m Sharif.

Galleon  0:06 
I’m Galleon.

Sharif  0:07 
And this is our new podcast that we decided to start producing probably once a month depending on what happens that month. And this was born out of two podcasts ago when I tried to cram 18 tracks into an hour and turned it into this huge podcast and then we talked about it for another hour. And it was just too long. So we decided we’d start a new podcast with some some of the extra tracks that we couldn’t play on the New Releases podcast, but we put together in a sort of a mix for you, so we thought we’d call it the Xtra Suite Mix.

Galleon  0:50 
Because if the first one wasn’t sweet enough, here’s some more

Sharif  0:56 
Yes, for those with an extra sweet tooth.

Galleon  1:00 
You’re gonna love it.

Sharif 1:01
Yeah, sweet, sweet soul.

Galleon  1:03
Oh yeah.

Sharif  1:05 
So yeah, so we’ve, we’ve picked out a few tunes between us and put them together. Hopefully you enjoy them. And when we come back, we’re going to tell you all about them.

Xtra Suite Mix 22/02: (playlist at the top)

Mark James   33:47  
Hi this is Mark James you’re listening to Spice Collective, My Lovin’ Baby and this is the Mark James remix.

Pee Wee Ferris 33:52
And this is Pipi Le Oui, and this is Splice Collective, My Loving’ Baby.

Jacob Anton Malmo  1:39:11  
Hey, this is Tom and Jacob from The Journey.

Tom Evans
You’re listening to our new track Hollow with Rachel Mays featuring Alverie on Ugenius Music on Suite Grooves.

Galleon  1:39:28  
You’re on Suite Grooves and that was the Xtra Suite Mix finishing with The Journey. Tom Evans and Jacob Malmo talking about their brand new single Hollow on Ugenius Music. And that’s a collaboration with Rachel May, who you might have known as Minx for the last 15 or so years, but is now going under Rachel May.

Sharif  1:39:48  
You’ve done a remix for Minx before, haven’t you?

Galleon  1:39:51  
Yes, we did on one of her previous singles, which was, I believe, also on Ugenius Music back in 2018, Ant and I did a couple remixes for her.

Sharif  1:40:02  
So why has she stopped calling herself Minx?

Galleon  1:40:06  
I? I don’t really know, I guess maybe the Rachel May thing is a bit more underground. And it’s actually her. Rachel is actually her name. So maybe she’s just feeling a bit more in touch with that. Maybe we can get her on board one day and ask her?

Sharif  1:40:24  
I’d love to. Well,

Galleon  1:40:25  
She’s really nice, she’s really down to earth.

Sharif  1:40:28  
Cool. I should be talking to Tom and Jacob, who are The Journey and who run Ugenius records. So I’ll definitely ask them about that. But yeah, their label. It’s been running for 10 years now one of the coolest labels in the country.

Galleon  1:40:44  
I love it every time something from them come through because you know it’s going to be good. And they always generally have someone pretty cool doing remixes like they had Marcus Holmes on something recently and Tim Engelhardt did some remixes for them. So that they know how to pick out the good remixes as well. Always really underground. Very, very deep, beautiful, beautiful underground stuff.

Sharif  1:41:07  
Deep and engaging as well, every time I hear one of their tracks when I’m listening to the Suite Grooves stream, and it’s a track that you know, grabs my attention. It’s usually one of theirs. I’m usually going What’s this? Yeah, a lot of the Ugenius music. It’s just yeah, it’s quality music, I’m really looking forward to speaking to the guys.

Galleon  1:41:35  
Yeah, and they also did an edit that that they gave me just before New Year’s Eve, and it was Sonique, It Feels So Good. And it was their personal edit, which I think they’ve actually given away. But just the way they put it together and the way they work that break down. To have the chorus in the breakdown was just amazing. And so well put together. I’ve been playing it at a number of different different parties. And yeah, it works a treat? They’ve also done Dario G Sunshine, which I’ve been hounding them for. And they’re like, now we’re gonna give it away at the end of summer and Okay, well, summer’s gone. So maybe I’ll have to ask them again.

Sharif  1:42:16  
I’ll ask them on your behalf. Mitch. Yeah. Yeah. Well, I mean, it’s great to have so many good Australian music that we’ve picked here. And we didn’t pick it because it’s Australian. We picked it because it’s good. So quality. Yeah. And you know, as The Journey and Rachel May beautiful track. So was the opening track by Flight Facilities. Heavy. The CC Disco dub mix. Which you’re telling me no, I mean, CC Disco. She’s local, isn’t she? 

Galleon  1:42:51  
Well, I thought she was and she she was I’m pretty sure she was from Victoria. Um, but she’s apparently now based in Lisbon. In Portugal. I didn’t know this. And she’s pretty cool. And even the That’s Not An Edit crew were talking about her. She did a very early edit for them. But yes, apparently, according to her SoundCloud, she’s now in Lisbon. And that’s one of a few really good mixes we’ve had that chat on. I think it might have been the previous podcast, the three different mixes and they’re all very different. They’re all good in their own way.

Sharif  1:43:30  
Yeah, highly recommended. You should check them out. Well, we do know that CC Disco does have at least a permanent residency here in Australia, because the guys from That’s Not An Edit assured us that they check everyone’s permanent residency before they’re allowed to do a remix. So, you know, she’s at least a resident, if not a citizen. So maybe she’s of Portuguese background and went, you know, back to homeland or, you know, to or maybe she’s just trying out Portugal for a while. Well, yeah, we’ll have to ask her as well. Let’s put her on the list. Yeah. And following on from I mean, and what she did with that remix? I love it. I love the way she’s kept it so deep, dubby. And but still, the elements of the track are still there, using Your Smith’s vocal. And following on from that was DJ Meme, I Can’t Get You the Haji mix.

Galleon  1:44:33  
Seamus Haji. Again, always quality Seamus Haji from the UK doing DJ Meme from Brazil. DJ Meme, I follow very closely because he makes awesome edits. And he’s just released an edit of More Than A Woman by the Bee Gees which you can get on his Bandcamp. There’s an edit of The Brothers Johnson. There’s Michael Jackson’s Off The Wall which is when I play all the time, heaps are really really, and it’s usually stem edits as well just flawless. George Benson Give Me The Night is another one.

Unknown Speaker  1:45:09  
Well this is a bit of an edit isn’t it, really? I Can Get You Out Of My Mind isn’t that taken from, what’s the popular track that’s taken from?

Galleon  1:45:17  
I don’t know. I know. It sounds like Candy Stanton I don’t know if it’s her whether it’s someone that sounding like her.

Sharif  1:45:28  
Yeah And following on after that, you want to pronounce.

Galleon  1:45:30  
This is Mijangos and Peppe Citarella. Hector Mijangos is from Mexico, again keeping with kind of that South American thing. And Peppe Citarella is from Italy, and they’ve had a few different collaborations over the last or maybe 12 months and usually it’s on an Afro Latin tip. This is more on the Shapeshifters Glitterbox kind of vibe. I love it. It’s something I’ve been playing it’s called Live Better. And it features the vocals of Venessa Jackson.

Sharif  1:46:07  
And Luxxury comes in after that with an Art Of Tones mix of Just Like It Was Before. Art of Tones has a way of turning everything around you know, like, even when he did that drum and bass remix of Meursvult

Galleon  1:46:30  
Rompivetro that’s this every time you hear it’s like wow! It’s sort of drum and bass but it’s Art Of Tones drum and bass. It’s not jungle-y. It’s not too heavy. It’s sort of something you play at the end of the set. We’ve been smashing it on the station. Every time I see Art Of Tones I just almost lose it because I know how good it’s going to be. And this is this is awesome as well. It’s something I’ve been playing out and at the bars really cool edit amazing production as always.

Sharif  1:47:06  
Kryptogram followed on after that

Galleon  1:47:09  
Woman. I don’t know much about Kryptogram, Husky actually told me about this track. Husky from Sydney who we’re going to talk about later on it was something he was telling me about and I tracked it down and it’s something I’ve been I’ve been playing out another one. There’s a sample in it I don’t know what it is, all the same really really groovy tune.

Sharif  1:47:32  
And then Purple Disco Machine In The Dark. It’s yeah, he’s been on fire. He’s been releasing so many things. I can’t keep up with it. Like he’s just released two albums, Exotica and Club Exotica

Galleon  1:47:47  
Now there’s an Exotica Deluxe which has this on it and and another track with the Agnus from Sweden all the remixes and then there was Rise the single he did, just just alongside the album which sample an old Defected acapella. The Diana Ross remix which is just dropped. What else was there there was, the Human League remix at the end of last year which is still really big. And you know, there’s probably others like you just every week almost there’s something yeah, and I’m not complaining. And even there was an edit that someone made of this with you keep me hanging on by Kim wild. Someone I saw someone write a post going yeah, there’s some similarities and then I saw someone doing an edit, like yep.

Sharif  1:48:41  
So did they mash the two together,

Galleon  1:48:42  
They mashed it up. Yeah.

Sharif  1:48:44  
Yeah, that track. I felt like I was back in the 80s Listening to Kim Wilde track and keep me hanging on would be the first track that comes to mind.

Galleon  1:48:54  
Yeah, and the way they’ve put it together it actually does really work.

Sharif  1:49:00  
After Purple Disco Machine was Yvvan Back. Love Drug.

Galleon  1:49:08  
Yeah, he’s someone I take notice of as well. Yeah, he’s Italian. I think he’s in a duo called Back and M-pie. He does some pretty cool sort of house-y covers of pop tracks, and he’s done Beggin and he’s did a Spy Skills one a couple of years ago, but this is a bit less commercial. It’s actually signed to Milk and Sugars label and milk and sugar have been licensing everything to a Central over here, Central Station. And yeah, this is a cool little tune called Love Drug.

Sharif  1:49:41  
And then after that is Splice Collective which is actually Pee Wee Ferris. I spoke to Pee Wee and Mark about Two Tribes, which should be in the next podcast the new releases podcast. And hopefully I’ll talk to both of them further. So yeah, they’ve both…, what they were telling me was they set up Two Tribes to promote their music because they both have a few different aliases. Pee Wee because he’s been really well known for sort of more harder, sort of trancy stuff. He wants to you know, and as a DJ he’s been around for longer than me. He’s been around quite a while and he’s played it all he knows it all. And so has Mark. You know, as I said, Mark, has been a very successful DJ as well, as well as promoter and and producer. So they’re using this label to promote all the things that they’re making. So the different aliases so Pee Wee is putting stuff out under Pee Wee Ferris, as well as Splice Collective and Pipi Le Oui I think, something like that. It just when I look at it, I just, I just think Pee Wee because it looks like Pee Wee. So yeah, so it was really cool talking to them. The two of them haven’t grown up a day from when they first met, so, yeah, it was fun. And hearing them and their enthusiasm about music, you know, you know what it’s like when? Yeah, you’re such a music nerd like those two guys are as well. You know, they love it, live it. And so yeah, this is one of Pee Wees’ tracks, but remixed by Mark James and I did apologize to Pee Wee for not playlisting his remix of his own track.

Galleon  1:51:38  
It’s pretty funny actually. Because I saw Mark put up a post and he said, ‘Ah, I just got some feedback for one of my remixes. And it said I don’t like it because it sounds too much like PDM’

Sharif  1:51:50  
I know that’s a compliment that’s probably why we like it.

Galleon    1:51:57  
That’s exactly why we like it. And it was the Mobin Master. We actually played the original later on, but it was that, he’s remix that. 

Sharif  1:52:09  
Yeah. Well, speaking of someone else has been in the game for a very long time. Roger Sanchez. The S Man as he was known for a while. What happened to the S Man? Did he just drop it? Because

Galleon   1:52:24  
I don’t know. Yeah, I just You just don’t really see it. I think you see it occasionally. But it’s just everything’s Roger Sanchez. At the moment, at least.

Sharif  1:52:35  
Yeah, cuz it was confusing, because when I started seeing Roger Sanchez, I’m like, what happened to S Man? Because I thought it was all S Man. Maybe. Yeah. But anyway, this track Lost it’s an old track of his. But I think he’s, he’s having a whole heap of tracks remixed.

Galleon    1:52:53  
Yeah, I actually bought the CD single for this in 06. And the D Ramirez mix was the one that everyone went for but the original was quite lush and a little bit sad and a little bit moody. So Majestic have kept a lot of the vocal and housed it up and Majestic are known for that big remix of Rasputin last year that that took over everywhere. And Tonky I actually did a mix of Lost because that two years ago this Global put out some stems and offered it as a remix comp, and we did Lost which didn’t get accepted but his mix of together actually did his own his own edit that he did on his own of together, which is like the Love Shack sample. Yeah, and it actually got released, which was really cool.

Sharif  1:53:44  
Cool. And then we move on, we go back to Italy, Qub, Qub. How do you pronounce it?

Galleon  1:53:52  
Qubiko? I don’t know. But um, he’s another one I see and I buy everything I see, because I know it’s gonna be good. This one’s on Defected called Glory. He’s also remixed Harpoon from the Gold Coast’s, he’s remixed Nick Harvey on from the US, he’s done Ray Isaaq plus all the sort of some of the bigger house-y things that have that have come out of have had to Qubiko remixes on them. Just just straight up house vibes.

Sharif  1:54:26  
This one has a bit more of a soul feel to it, doesn’t it?

Galleon  1:54:32  
Yeah, I love the vocal. I think the vocal is what looked to me and just I love that gospel thing and his his sound goes so well underneath that I think.

Sharif  1:54:41  
Yeah, that’s it gospel. You really dig gospel.

Galleon  1:54:47  

Sharif  1:54:49  
Do you sing a lot of church?

Galleon  1:54:52  
No. I gotta turn up first. If I was going to Sunshine at Revolver in Melbourne on seven o’clock on a Saturday morning, I might think about it. 

Sharif  1:55:07
That’s your church.

Galleon 1:55:09
Yeah, I’d sing at her church. She’s awesome. She’s another one we got to get. She’d have a, she’s got a story to tell. 

Sharif  1:55:17  
Oh, definitely, love to hear from Sunshine. Yeah, it’ll be a ray of sunshine.

Galleon  1:55:23  
Yes. Absolutely.

Sharif  1:55:27  
Yeah. And then Jaded, Lost Myself Again. I love that. It’s that real sort of country western feel done to like, you know, tech house.

Galleon  1:55:40  
Yeah. And they’re pretty consistent. They’re three three members in a trio from the UK. In the last year, they’ve kind of popped up and they’ve had some kind of underground stuff. But they’ve had this one and then they’ve just had another one drop on Defected. Their D4 Dance label with they’ve collaborated with someone whose name escapes me right now, but it was a cool track, and it only dropped like a week ago. So you might hear that in the next club mix.

Sharif  1:56:11  
Now we go back to Sydney. It’s great seeing so many Australian producers and artists on on this mix with Husky who’s part of Random Soul who also have a new single out at the moment.

Galleon  1:56:24  
Yes, they do. And he’s got this one that’s a Random Soul. And Yogi who is also in Random Soul has just collaborated with Dutchican Soul, from I think the Netherlands on a cover of Lost and Alives’ Everything I Play Is Funky. So they’ve all got their original singles, as well as the joint Random Soul one. But this is Huskys new single on Bobbin Head Music.

Sharif  1:56:53  
Well, then we move on to someone with an Italian name. It seems to be Australian Italian sort of combinations happening tonight. Or they say Latin Australian because Spanish Hispanic is also Latin. Italian is Latin. So there’s a Australian Latin theme going on with The Xtra Suite mix.

Galleon  1:57:18  
Oh, yeah. And now we’re taking it to the US.

Sharif  1:57:21  
Picchotti, would you pronounce it. Yeah.

Galleon  1:57:25  
Picchiotti. I think that’s how you say it, he’s been around for ages he was known as Bastoy is known as Mark!, exclamation point. Yeah, and he’s got this new one called Crying Out For Help. With a Per QX remix, Per QX is based in Bali. But I think he could be Scandinavian.

Sharif  1:57:53  
And then we move on to a remix of yours. Which is out on a label, a new label by a good friend of ours, Dave Madden, Sparkles.

Galleon  1:58:04  
Silicone Sunshine Music, first release on the label. And this is our BoogieKnights Funk Up of Dance Into The Night by Original Thieves, which is Sparkles and a couple of other cool cats from the Sunshine Coast. And we’re remixing the next single as well. 

Sharif  1:58:30  
Awesome. Awesome. Well, I’m looking forward to their releases. I mean, I’ve always loved Dave’s taste and music. Yeah. I’m pretty sure he’s going to do the things with his label.Looking forward to it.

Galleon  1:58:43  
Yeah. And they’ve got some really cool kind of things in the pipeline that that we’ve kind of heard about as well. So when hopefully they’ll get rolled out pretty soon.

Unknown Speaker  1:58:53  
And then Vintage Culture, man of the moment, who teamed up with the Sonny Fodera.

Galleon  1:59:01  
Yeah, Nightjar on Defected. Vintage Culture. There’s all these names that you see and you just grab them because you know they’re going to be good. He’s another one. He’s got a few different vibes. Some of them are kind of like this. There’s the one with James Height, which is techy. There’s more house stuff is more Proggy kind of stuff. So he hits a few different vibes and usually just nails it but yeah, this is a nice little tune called Nightjar. Which came out about a month or so ago on Defected.

Sharif  1:59:34  
Beautiful tune. Yeah, and one Australian track to another to another. This is awesome. Is really cool. Mobin. Mobin Masters I think originally is from Adelaide but he may have moved to Melbourne. I thought he was from Adelaide.

Galleon  1:59:50  
But yeah, I’m pretty sure he moved to Melbourne when the Melbourne bounce was really big. Remember, he came up to Brisbane and did a show and that’s I think he was living in Melbourne. There And then that was 2013 when he came up to the play at The Met and he was doing the real big room stuff. And when that kind of sound went away, he went back to house and this kind of kept with his house roots. And this was a tune that came out in 03 on I think it was Vicious, maybe? Or Hussle actually, I think it was Hussle. And it was a real real groovy house he sort of thing. And he had the vocal redone by Alfreda Gerald from the US. And this has some cool mixes we spoke about Mark James, there’s DJ Dann and Rubber People. Mind Mlectric, absolutely nailed it. He’s remixed one of my new singles coming very soon with Chat Noir. Who else there was Peter Brown another Jackin guy’s on this. All really good mixes but we’ve we’ve put the original in there.

Sharif  2:01:02  
And I think he’s he’s got a few more due for release this year.

Galleon  2:01:08  
Yeah, well, he did his track Unique last year on Vicious with a couple of big mixes as well. That was about 15 years ago. He brought that out initially, he’s gone back through his catalogue. And it’s all been good.

Sharif  2:01:24  
Okay, that Unique was released by someone else.

Galleon  2:01:27  
It was Kim Cooper. Yeah. Kim Cooper and I think it was Club 69 which was Peter Rauhofer? 

Unknown Speaker  2:01:39  
Wow. Your memory iss amazing.

Galleon  2:01:42  
Yeah. Because I love Peter Rauhofer was really big in the gay scene, but he was sort of crossing over in the 90s. And doing all of those big productions and Clubs 69 And that was one of them. With Kim Cooper doing Unique.

Sharif  2:01:58  
Yeah, cuz I, I’ve got the record somewhere. And I trashed it back then because it was huge. It was a huge record. So yeah. About Yeah, the version that moment did was was quite good as well. It’s actually close to the original, cuz I thought you couldn’t top the original when I saw it. But when I heard it, I went, actually, no. This is, it’s quite good. Well done. And then Ember was another favorite of mine. From last month, also Latin tech house. I don’t know. I got to think to Latin and tech house.

Galleon  2:02:34  
Yeah, I love the Latin vibe as well. Ember’s from Sydney, Mitch Bennett used to work at Ministry and TMRW and he went on to do work on promo for Relish, promotions, and really, really cool guy. He’s had some cool tunes in the past. This is one of them. Ezra which I got through Relish. And I think we both got it and I don’t know what the sample is, but hey, it’s wicked.

Sharif  2:03:03  
Yeah. Great, great tune and then to someone I’ve been playing for years. DJ Chus usually part of Chus & Ceballos and I remember buying a sample pack that he released because I still loved buying his music, when I thought I’m going to produce music before I figured out that I was no good. And I remember just loving hearing the whole sample pack because it has all this tribal loops of you know, percussion. Yeah, it was an awesome sample pack. So..

Galleon  2:03:41  
I love everything pretty much everything he produces. Like he did that track The Feeling about 20 years ago, which had that Can’t Fake The Feeling sampling it with a had a big saxophone and all kinds of different remixes. But he’s done the commercial stuff for like Jennifer Lopez. I think he did Mariah Carey, but still with that really tribally darker kind of feel about it. And this is a collaboration with Dario D’Attis is from Italy I believe it’s called Keleidisco.

Sharif  2:04:18  
Well, it’s a perfect one to take us into the Simone Vittullo track, which is actually, it’s not actually his track. It’s it’s really just an edit of the old, what’s it called? Afunakwa track. The track was called Rorogwela, as it’s called here, but yeah, that’s not you know, Simone Vittullo basically just did the edit. But the original track is by a Afunakwa.

Galleon  2:04:56  
Now, I didn’t know this and I heard it, I have heard this before somewhere, and I couldn’t, I couldn’t put my finger on where I’d heard it, but it was familiar. And of course, you’ve now cleared it up.

Sharif  2:05:08  
That track everyone knows it even if they don’t know what it is, or who it is, as soon as you hear it, you go, Oh, yeah, I know this. I’ve heard this before. But, but yeah, so it’s great to hear that track again, because the original track is, you know, it’s an amazing track. Because you know, some tracks really age but this is one of those tracks that I think is timeless. And yeah, and the the edit of the track Yeah, it was a nice way to bring bring us into The Journey and Rachel May with with Hollow, yeah, as we said, those guys keep producing one good track after another.

Galleon  2:05:47  
after another.

Sharif  2:05:51  
And that was a perfect way to end our very first ever Xtra Suite Mix. Mitch, thank you so much.

Galleon  2:06:00  
Thank you. I think we’ll we’ll make this a regular thing. Hope you enjoyed it.