Edgy x Future x Discotheque Vol. 2

We’re taking another trip to the outer realms and heading to the Edgy Future Discotheque with an extended E.P. of sounds from all 4 corners of the shop by some of Sprechen family, friends & like minded musical people.

There’s sun seeking balearic from long standing Sprechen supporter & Cowbell Radio host Ed Mahon with a beautiful piano led beatless bit of brilliance on A Brighter Day.

Newcomer Ivan Fabre drops an 80’s neo-disco not disco chugger on Incursions…Sprechen newcomer Indigo Jung serves up a jacking soulful house number on For Real…Solid State goes for peak time heads down Global Underground style flavours on Tonite whilst firm Sprechen family member Dj Steevo goes right in for some straight up dance floor beckoning brilliance on Heroes Funk (which comes with an instrumental too!).

Oh and there’s also some amazing & unique UK Garage style shenanigans from Norway by way of Trudee Note and ‘Dreams Of Revenge…serious tackle.

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