Time To Recover

Now it‘s finally here: The debut album «Time To Recover» by Feiertag.
The Multi-faceted artist & producer has established himself as a leading name within the electronic music sphere since making his debut in 2015. He defies convention in ways many cannot, from his immersive productions on Last Night On Earth, Boogie Angst, Majestic Casual and Kitsuné.

After two successful EPs and even more singles,
Feiertag took his time for this debut album. This can
be heard on each of the sixteen tracks: Extraordinary attention to detail, sophisticated arrangements and a sound aesthetic that couldn‘t sound more modern are probably the first impressions you take away from «Time To Recover». On second or third listen through, however, you realize that almost every one of these songs has hit potential

After the dubby head-nodding opener «Stranger To One» follows «Yearn» with Oli Hannaford from London and Tessa Rose Jackson from Amsterdam, revealing a melancholic and shimmering musical soundscape. Majestic vocals combine with lush percussive elements and smooth drums, whilst rich chords work atop of resonant strings. A song destined for eternity!

Tessa is also featured on «Follow» and «Riptide». Then there‘s the collaboration with GOSTO, «Stronger,» a song that gains in punch and impact with each successive listen. And with every rewind, you turn up the volume a little more. As loud as enough that you can also enjoy «It‘s Alright» with James Alexander Bright in its full glory and exuberant optimism. Similarly good-humored is the instrumental «Saccharine» tasting full of sweet summer, unbridled exuberance and outdoor parties.
With «Panorama» Feiertag shows his calmer, more ambient side towards the end of the album to finally set an absolutely dignified closing point together with Pete Josef on «Where Are We Now».

«Time To Recover» is an almost furious ride through current musical styles and genres – all from the artful and almost grandiose orchestrated point of view of Feiertag.

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